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Zhengzhou Exhibition in Central China Expo Leads the Future of Intelligent Manufacturing in March

Exhibition Date: 2020-03-18 to 2020-03-21 Exhibiting City: Zhengzhou
Exhibition address: Zhengzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center Hall Name: Zhengzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center
Browsing times: 1257 Exhibition status:
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制博会 郑州展 启领智能制造未来 Zhengzhou Exhibition in Central China Expo Leads the Future of Intelligent Manufacturing in March

“IoT”、“AI”、“Robot”、“3D打印” 等新技术不断 涌现下 供应链下游发生本质变化。 With the continuous emergence of new technologies such as "IoT", "AI", "Robot", and "3D printing" , substantial changes have occurred in the downstream of the supply chain. 供应链协同发展 机制, 快速变化的市场诉求 倒逼 产业链上游企业 “上马”智能制造 作为中部 制造业趋势 领航者 ——“ 中部 制博会 ”于2020 3 18-21日 郑州 围绕智造 ”开展。 According to the coordinated development mechanism of the supply chain , fast-changing market demands are forcing upstream companies in the industry chain to "smart" smart manufacturing . As the leader of the manufacturing industry in the central region , " Central Manufacturing Expo " will be held in Zhengzhou on March 18-21, 2020 Carrying out " smart manufacturing ".

21 years of history precipitate central industrial barometer

中部制造业 宗最 ”之称 —— 中国中部(郑州)国际装备制造业博览会(简称: “CCEME”或“ 中部制博会郑州展 ”), 将于 2020 3 18-21日在郑州 With the title of " Five Bests" in the central manufacturing industry-Central China (Zhengzhou) International Equipment Manufacturing Expo ( "CCEME" or " Central Expo Zhengzhou Exhibition ") Held in Zhengzhou . 最久 、层次最高、规模最大、 效果 最好、影响最广的 国际化 展会。 "CCEME" is an international exhibition with the longest history , the highest level, the largest scale, the best effect , and the most extensive influence in central China . 21 精心打造、 镞砺括 ,已发展为中部地区最具行业影响力、号召力的品牌盛会,被誉为 “中部工业晴雨表”。 After 21 years of careful construction and hard work , it has developed into the most influential and appealing brand event in the central region, and is known as the "central industrial barometer".

数据统计: Statistics for five sessions :

专业 观众 持续看好中部制博会; 98% of professional visitors continue to be optimistic about the Central Expo;

意向得到落实; 90% of buyers' purchase intentions have been implemented;

比为 82.6% The proportion of companies exhibiting continuously for more than five sessions is 82.6% ;

8.2 + The number of professional buyers reached 82,000+ ;

”的展会精髓—— 专业观众、创新、服务 已居同类展会前列 The exhibition essence of the “ Central Expo Zhengzhou Exhibition ” —professional audience, innovation, and service— has been at the forefront of similar exhibitions . 将更 关注 制造业 下游诉求, 从参展企业数量、参展企业档次、展场面积、专业观众数量、技术讲座、活动策划、客户服务、现场布置等 多方位进行再次提升 ,力破2019年参展企 2500+,展品数量720+,参会观众 8.2万+的成绩, 为与会各方提供最佳解决方案 , 推动中部制造业快速发展。 In 2020 , we will pay more attention to the upstream and downstream demands of the manufacturing industry.We will continue to improve the number of exhibitors, grades of exhibitors, exhibition area, number of professional visitors, technical lectures, event planning, customer service, and on-site layout. 2500+ exhibitors, 720+ exhibits, and 82,000+ attendees will provide the best solutions for all parties and promote the rapid development of manufacturing in central China.

产业集群组团采 The industry has a reputation for industry cluster group procurement

21 载,中部制博会郑州展 ”有口皆碑。 After 21 years of hard work , theZhengzhou Exhibition of the Central System Expo ” is well-known. 装备、 宇通客车 、富士康科技等品牌企业对其赞誉有加。 Brand companies such as China Railway Equipment, Yutong Bus , and Foxconn Technology praised it. ”在参展报名初期 收到各产业 集群 和多家 知名 品牌商 采购 诉求: 郑州高新技术开发区、郑州经济技术开发区、洛阳高新技术产业集聚区、洛阳国家大学科技园、洛阳工业园区、栾川钼业 产业集群 宇通集团、郑州日产、少林汽车、郑州海马、郑纺机、郑煤机、中国一拖、中信重机、洛轴 LYC、河柴、郑煤、725所、许继集团、黄河实业、南阳防爆、大唐首阳山、双汇、银鸽实业、中集华骏、焦作奇瑞发动机、义煤机电、豫光金铅济源钢铁、明泰铝业、永通特钢、中烟工业、白鹭化纤、新亚纸业、科隆电器、新航集团、平煤集团 The “ Zhengzhou Exhibition of Central China Expo 2020” received procurement requests from various industrial clusters and many well-known brands at the early stage of application for registration : Zhengzhou Hi-tech Development Zone, Zhengzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone, Luoyang Hi-tech Industrial Cluster Zone, Luoyang National University Science and Technology Park, Luoyang Industrial Park, Luanchuan Molybdenum and other industrial clusters , Yutong Group, Zhengzhou Nissan, Shaolin Automobile, Zhengzhou Haima, Zhengfang Machinery, Zhengmei Coal Machinery, China YTO, CITIC Heavy Machinery, Luosha LYC, Hechai, Zhengmei, 725, Xu Ji Group, Huanghe Industry, Nanyang Explosion Protection, Datang Shouyangshan, Shuanghui, Yinge Industry, CIMC Huajun, Jiaozuo Chery Engine, Yimei Electromechanical, Yuguang Gold Lead , Jiyuan Iron & Steel, Mingtai Aluminum Industry, Yongtong Special Steel, China Tobacco Industry, Bailu Chemical Fiber, Xinya Paper, Kelon Electric, Singapore Airlines Group, Pingmei Coal Group, etc.

Product exposure Brand enhancement Information exchange Network development Order bursting

制博会帮助 企业构建 客流、信息流、资金流等高度集中优势, 快速 提升 企业综合 竞争力、 产品曝光度、 品牌辨识度 、用户黏度, 构建 良性供应链体系。 “2020 Central China Expohelps companies build highly concentrated advantages such as passenger flow, information flow, and capital flow, and quickly improves the overall competitiveness of enterprises , product exposure, brand recognition, and user stickiness, and builds a benign supply chain system. 企业 创造良机,待机而发 Create good opportunities for enterprises and wait for them . 论坛 拳组合机制、 线上 线下 双重完美搭配, 最大 幅度打破 供采销三方信息 壁垒、不 对称性 整个行业 建立 绿色标杆式 采销平台 助推 企业从 “中国制造”跨向“中国品牌”。 The strong punch combination mechanism of the exhibition and forum , and the perfect combination of online and offline , will break the information barriers and asymmetries of the three parties for procurement and marketing to the greatest extent , and establish a green benchmarking procurement platform for the entire industry , helping companies "Towards" Chinese brands. " 领导莅临、 国内外 知名品牌企业 组团 采购、三维营销机制建立, 百万 流量贡献, 数亿成交 机会, “中部制博会”已成 企业转型推手。 Important leaders are here to visit, well-known brand companies from home and abroad have organized group purchases, established a three-dimensional marketing mechanism, contributed millions of traffic, and hundreds of millions of transactions . The Central China Expo has become a driving force for corporate transformation.

携手 “大数据 "Internet + " Hand in Hand with "Big Data " Target buyers precisely

The “Zhengzhou Exhibition of Central China Expo” is a professional exhibition jointly created by Henan Science and Technology Association, Henan Mechanical Engineering Society, Henan Automation Institute, and Zhengzhou Ruixiang Exhibition Company. Its publicity advantage is self-evident.

全方位立体锁定目标买家 "Central Expo" uses a matrix marketing approach to target buyers in all directions . EDM营销平台、电话营销平台、直邮营销平台、短信推广平台等 It has a strong self-media marketing platform: including official website platform, WeChat promotion platform, EDM marketing platform, telephone marketing platform, direct mail marketing platform, SMS promotion platform, etc. 260+专业媒体、60+综合媒体建立合作关系,新闻报道同步推广,产品、品牌在不断曝光中备受关注。 In addition to self-media, it has established cooperative relationships with 260+ professional media and 60+ comprehensive media, and has simultaneously promoted ⎝⎛澳门皇冠开户网址⎞⎠ reports. Products and brands have attracted much attention in the continuous exposure.

2020 继续制订周密的专业观众邀请计划,重点邀请汽车、电力、石油化工、钢铁、冶金重矿、纺织、通讯、航空航天、物流设备、工程机械、建筑机械、包装印刷、造纸、五金、橡塑制造、 3C制造、电器制造、环保、水处理、输变电、智能建筑、电信、金融、摩托车零配件、机械制造、机械加工、金属加工、模具制造、铁路机车、农机、建筑建材等行业的科研设计院所、质量控制、系统集成商、采购供应、销售、代理商、批发零售商等到会。 Relying on a strong database of professional visitors, the “Central System Expo” will continue to formulate a thorough professional audience invitation plan in 2020 , focusing on inviting automobiles, electric power, petrochemicals, steel, heavy metallurgy, textiles, communications, aerospace, logistics equipment, Construction machinery, construction machinery, packaging and printing, papermaking, hardware, rubber and plastic manufacturing, 3C manufacturing, electrical appliance manufacturing, environmental protection, water treatment, power transmission and transformation, intelligent construction, telecommunications, finance, motorcycle spare parts, machinery manufacturing, mechanical processing, Metal processing, mold manufacturing, railway locomotive, agricultural machinery, building materials and other industries of scientific research and design institutes, quality control, system integrators, procurement and supply, sales, agents, wholesale retailers, etc. attended the meeting. 2019 专业 观众 “8.2 ”的基础上,再创佳绩。 On the basis of maintaining the "82,000+" professional audience in 2019, we have made great achievements.

德、日、韩等多国企业来华参展 4 天展期精彩纷呈 American , German, Japanese, Korean and other multinational companies come to China to participate in the 4- day exhibition period

”吸引了美国、 德国 日本 韩国 等全球 19 国家和地区的国内外知名企业参展, 展出 总面积超过 42000 平方米 展品 数量 720 展位 2500 观众 82360 The “ Central Expo 2019” attracted well-known domestic and foreign companies from 19 countries and regions around the world, including the United States, Germany , Japan , and South Korea . People . 广大 供采商 需求, “2020 中部 制博会 ”为期4 ,为参展商创造更多低投资高回报机会, 方便 采购商找到 高性价比产品 供应商 更好 的疏通上 下游 产业链, 发挥 本次展会最大价值。 In response to the needs of suppliers , the 2020 Central China Expo will last 4 days , creating more low investment and high return opportunities for exhibitors, facilitating buyers to find cost-effective products and suppliers, and better unblocking the upstream and downstream industry chains. Make the most of this exhibition.

将沿用 2019 区形势, 分不同 主题 版块 涵盖机床,激光切割钣金,自动化智能制造工厂 供应链上 下游有针对性 进行 洽谈交流, 成就 一站式 贸易 平台 "2020 Central China Expo " will follow the situation of the 2019 Phalanx exhibition area , and will be divided into different thematic sections , covering machine tools, laser cutting sheet metal, and automatic and intelligent manufacturing factory supply chain to conduct targeted negotiations and exchanges, achieving a one-stop trade platform . 将继续举办专业性论坛、新产品新技术发布会及配套活动,邀请行业专家、供应商、采购商、业内人士共同探讨行业发展热点、交流技术经验、把握行业发展机遇。 During the same period , professional forums, new product and technology release conferences and supporting activities will continue to be held, and industry experts, suppliers, buyers, and industry professionals will be invited to discuss industry development hotspots, exchange technical experiences, and grasp industry development opportunities.

IM 潮流 助力“中国制造 2025 Leading the IM trend and helping "Made in China 2025 "

一直 “打造中部地区装备制造业一站式高端采购优质平台”为己任 探索 行业 发展趋势,激发 潜在 市场活力,营造 产业 发展氛围 引导国内外 采需求 建设中国中部最专业的交流贸易平台。 For more than 20 years, the Central China Expo has been committed to "creating a one-stop high-end procurement and high-quality platform for equipment manufacturing in the central region" : exploring industry development trends, inspiring potential market vitality, creating an industrial development atmosphere , and guiding domestic and foreign supply and demand . Build the most professional exchange and trade platform in central China.

因为专注 所以 专业! Central 2020 Expo , because of focus , so professional!

“智造”迈进 3月18-21日, 值得 期待 2020 Central China Expo will lead traditional manufacturing industry towards "intelligent manufacturing". March 18-21, it is worth looking forward to !

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