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Shanghai Yun Carpenter Trading Co., Ltd.
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Updated: 2020-03-04

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Company Address: 8-202, Kangjian Plaza, 111 Yongdeng Road, Putuo District, Shanghai

杨瑾玉(女士) (来电时请说是从仪器交易网看到我的) 17717637769 Yang Jinyu (lady) (please say you saw me from the instrument trading network when calling)

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Shanghai Yun Carpenter Trading Co., Ltd. was established in 2004, specializing in the import and export of industrial products. The company has an experienced and skilled service team. With the efforts of all employees of the company and the support of our customers and industry colleagues, the company's business has expanded rapidly, and its business scope has covered Europe, the United States, and Japan. The products have been widely used in large and medium-sized power plants, metallurgy, petrochemicals, environmental protection, textiles, railways , Shipbuilding, pharmaceutical machinery, packaging machinery, textile machinery, food machinery, auto parts production lines, aerospace, welding, building control and other modern industrial automation fields. Our company has procurement centers in Germany, the United States, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong and Shanghai. Our procurement staff rely on the intelligent software developed by the company's IT team, so that all our customers' information is shared without time lag. Superior local price, uploaded to the server sharing system, we will directly feedback to the customer at a low price, and can send the goods to the user at a fast speed, thereby reducing the cost and saving valuable time for the customer. Due to our layout, we can facilitate customers and adopt any cooperation method of customers. For example, users can specify the delivery location by themselves, which facilitates some enterprises that do projects abroad, and does not need to import and then export, which greatly reduces the number of projects with foreign countries. Enterprise procurement costs. Our payment methods are also flexible and diverse. Euros, U.S. dollars, Hong Kong dollars, etc. can be operated. Large orders can also be paid by letter of credit, which solves many of the disadvantages that the industry can only rely on cooperation with RMB. We are committed to becoming the ideal partner in the spirit of `Integrity-based, service-oriented, all for the sake of customers`! Our advantages for domestic users: Fast quotation: For competitive brands, we have manufacturers' price lists, and we maintain telephone communication with suppliers every day to provide you with fast and timely quotations. Excellent price: We take the quotation directly from the factory and avoid many intermediate links. Many factories provide us with fixed discounts to ensure that we give customers preferential prices. Wide channels: In addition to factories, we have direct business relationships with many European distributors, allowing us to purchase brands that cannot be quoted due to protection agents. Delivery date: After receiving the order, we will communicate with the manufacturer in a timely manner, and we will immediately feedback to the customer about the changed delivery date. Low logistics costs: Logistics costs often determine the overall price of a product. We uniformly inspect and pack in the German warehouse, and then deliver the goods to the LCL for customs clearance, which not only ensures the correct delivery but also reduces the cost. Complete after-sales service: We promise a 12-month warranty on all products. For quality issues beyond the warranty period, we help customers negotiate with manufacturers to provide maintenance solutions to relieve you of worries. Our products: ASA-RT tension sensor, ARELCO oxygen sensor, TECORA oxygen sensor, CONTREC flowmeter, COMER gear pump, AXIMA cooling oil, Cofely cooling oil, C3CONTROLS potentiometer, ANSALDO motor, AUTOTECH encoder, CYTEC cylinder, CHEM- TEC flow switch, CTE flow switch, ChauvinArnoux low resistance meter, COMAIR ROTRON fan, AMPHENOL connector, ANSALDO motor, ASIROBICON motor, APACHE pneumatic wrench, ARON solenoid valve, CROSBY valve, AC-MOTOREN motor, COOPER bearing, SOLA HEVI-DUTY Power supply and transformer, ACME power supply, HERZOG grinding machine and accessories, MALEMA flow switch, BRODERSEN signal converter, PEARSON current sensor, SERVO-DYNAMICSL servo motor and amplifier, SEIKA angular acceleration, RICE LAKE load cell, OMEGADYNE sensor, OHIO SEMITRONICS sensor, PYROMATION temperature and humidity meter, FENNER transmission parts and shaft sleeves, DICKOW complete pump and accessories, WARREN heater, HELIOS heater, KEYSYONE valve, UNIWO valve, ASCO valve, ALTEK instrument, FOERSTER instrument, KARL instrument, YANMAR accessory, ALFA-LAVAL Accessories, DATHATSU accessories, CUMMINS accessories, ON AN accessories

product manual

Jamesbury cylinder VPVL450DABC

Shanghai Yun Carpenter Trading Co., Ltd. sells American JAMESBURY valves, JAMESBURY ball valves, JAMESBURY control valves, JAMESBURY flange ball valves, JAMESBURY threaded ball valves, JAMESBURY butterfly valves, JAMESBURY butterfly valves, JAMESBURY actuators and other products. American JAMESBURY has been designing and manufacturing ball valves since 1954. It is one of the founders of the invention of ball valves. Its products occupy a considerable proportion in the US and regional markets. It is the major ball valve manufacturer in each region, and butterfly valves and control valves are also among the best in the region. JAMESBURY has offices in 23 regions, 300 sales offices and resellers, seven manufacturing plants and a joint venture in six regions. Representatives of the JAMESBURY brand have won the trust and respect of customers in the country and the market. JAMESBURY high performance ball and butterfly valves meet the needs of high performance valves in various industries.
JAMESBURY ball valve is mainly used to cut off or connect the medium in the pipeline, and it can also be used for the regulation and control of fluids. Among them, the hard-sealed V-type ball valve has a strong gap between the V-shaped core and the metal seat of the hard alloy. The shearing force is especially suitable for media containing fibers and small solid particles. The multi-port ball valve can not only flexibly control the confluence, divergence, and flow direction of the medium on the pipeline, but also can close any channel and connect the other two channels. This type of valve should generally be installed horizontally in the pipeline. Ball valve classification: pneumatic ball valve, electric ball valve, manual ball valve.

Cylinder VPVL450DABC
Executive agency VPVL250DABD
Ball valve 4AB2236XTB DN25 1 ”
Ball valve 4AB2236XTB1 DN15 1/2 ”
Ball valve 1 "-7150-31-3600TTT2A ASME B 16.34
Pneumatic actuator VPVL250DAB
Executive agency VPVL450DABD
VPVL600 SR4 / 5BC
Accessories "1, APL410N explosion-proof limit switch
Explosion-proof grade: EXdII BT4
2. ASCO explosion-proof solenoid valve: explosion-proof grade EXdII BT4 24VDC
3. Air filter pressure regulating valve: QAW2000
4 、 Pneumatic piping and pipe joints of actuators "
Pneumatic butterfly valve 2-1 / 2 "-815W-M-11-223443MT caliber 65 (mm)
Pneumatic Butterfly Valve 3 "-815W-M-11-223443MT Caliber (mm): 80

Our company also sells German AIRCOM solenoid valve, American topworx valve, American AMOT temperature control valve, British HALE HAMILTON pressure reducing valve, German EKEEK solenoid valve, Italian FLUCOM solenoid valve, German ARMATUREN valve, German GEMU valve, American ROSS solenoid valve, Germany GEMUE valve, German PLEIGER solenoid valve and other products are welcome to inquire.

Product address on this page: http://anqnoy.com/sell/show-8633707.html
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